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Dr. Christopher Pham

Invisalign uses simple clear aligners to move your teeth weekly with little discomfort. You can have a straighter, healthier smile in just a matter of months. With various payment plan options, Invisalign can be surprisingly affordable!

Benefits of straighter teeth

  1. Teeth can be cleaned more easily when they are better aligned and not overlapped. Usually as adults, we may have some minor teeth rotations or misalignments in the front smile zone that we can improve in a matter of months. 
  2. Studies have shown that better aligned teeth may lead to a more relaxed and natural bite, which in turn can reduce any clenching or grinding habits we may have. Those who currently wear night guards to sleep sometimes find that after clear aligner therapy to straighten their teeth-that they find themselves clenching less at night after treatment. 
  3. As many of us know, a more uniform smile leads to increased self-confidence and therefore, more personal success. Afterall, all those virtual meetings don’t require you to cover up your smile with a face mask! 

Can you start Invisalign during the Pandemic?

  1. Of course! It’s probably the best time to do so. You would only have to visit the office in a clean and safe environment every other month or so to check on the progress of your treatment. 
  2. One of the ways many of our patients have taken advantage of this extra time at home is to have clear aligner therapy and straighten their teeth. 
  3. During this Pandemic, many of us have been very diligent with taking care of our teeth at home. Some of us may have more time on our hands to do so, whereas others are having more “face time” on the computer while interacting with others through video conferencing from home. Sure we can all use the extra effort on our oral health, after all, we always confess to our hygienist on our cleaning day, “I know I should floss more…” 

Straightening your teeth couldn’t get any easier!

  1. Unlike metal braces that are more visible and can trap food and catch and irritate your lips, clear aligners are virtually invisible and much more comfortable
  2. Others may have had metal braces when they were younger and for one reason or another, their teeth have shifted and now can benefit from clear aligner therapy once again. 
  3. Simple clear aligners move your teeth with little discomfort.
  4. Our patients who have had Invisalign therapy with us have been pleasantly surprised at the ease of daily wear and affordability of the entire process.

Whatever the reason may be for you, let us see if we can help!

Contact us and come in for a quick, complimentary 3-D scan of your teeth and we can instantly see a “before” and potential “after” smile in 3-D utilizing Invisalign clear aligners. 

Dr. Christopher Pham thrives on challenges and making patients feel comfortable while in his care. He grew up in California and attended UC Davis. After running two private practices in Northern California, Dr. Pham moved to Guam in 2012. He’s happy to be back in Southern California and to call San Diego home. Dr. Pham is committed to bringing his patients the latest in dental technology and techniques. In his free time, you can find Dr. Pham, his wife Jenny, and young son Daniel in the water or on the beach. Dr. Pham enjoys mountain biking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding in his spare time.

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